Silver Spring introduces IoT router for utilities and cities

The IoT edge router provides 'plug and play' capabilities for new and legacy smart city devices
The IoT edge router provides ‘plug and play’ capabilities for new and legacy smart city devices

US smart grid technology and networking company Silver Spring Networks has unveiled its new IoT Edge Router, created to make the deployment of devices and IoT networks by utilities and cities simpler and more secure.

A Silver Spring release states that the router allows utility companies and cities to securely and cost-effectively integrate a wide array of devices and applications into their existing Silver Spring IoT networks.

The IoT router provides ‘plug and play’ capabilities for new and legacy smart city devices to be used in applications such as smart street light and smart grid systems.

The California-based company stated that through such technologies, utilities and cities will be able to reduce the costs of testing and the deployment of smart city solutions, improve civic service operations and citizen engagement, and create new revenue streams and innovation opportunities.

The managing director of the “Bristol Is Open” smart city project, Paul Wilson said: “Bristol Is Open is creating an open programmable city.

“Silver Spring has helped us by supplying its IPv6 wireless canopy to connect devices such as street lights, traffic control systems, and other sensors. We will integrate the new IoT Edge Router into the environment to allow us to easily deploy more devices and applications as we establish an advanced Internet-of-Things environment.”

The UK initiative aims to evolve as a ‘living lab’ for the development of new technology to solve urban problems.

IoT router features

The release goes onto say that the multi-application IoT Edge Router provides network operators with visibility, manageability, and at-the-edge insights on a single platform for connected devices.

It provides multi-protocol support, accelerates innovation and revenue and enables cities and utilities to easily extend their networks with almost no fixed limit to the number of devices and breadth of applications that can be supported.

Brandon Davito, vice president of Smart Cities for Silver Spring Networks said: “Historically, the costs and complexity of deploying and operating single-purpose networks has prevented many cities from realizing the potential of the IoT.”

He added: “The IoT Edge Router enables cities to take a ‘no compromises’ approach – they can easily add new types of smart city devices to their existing network, without sacrificing the performance and security they need and without succumbing to the exorbitant costs and lock-in of cellular or other proprietary solutions.”