Smart Metering Contract Awarded In South Africa


A contract valued at US$2.9 million has been awarded to Rubbytad X Factor AMR (Pty) Ltd, a joint venture initiative between Power Measurement & Energy Management (Pty) Ltd, Rubbytad Management Service (Pty) Ltd and X Factor AMR (Pty) Ltd, by utility City Power. Power Measurement & Energy Management (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) distributor for ADD Grup’s ADDAX technology – a PLC integrated (water, electricity, gas and heat metering) utility AMR solution. The ADDAX energy billing devices have extended value with built-in true demand side management capability, with independent tariff engines for both controlled and uncontrolled loads.

The contract is a turnkey solution for more than 12,000 meters in a residential area in Johannesburg. City Power, realising the importance of secure metering solutions to ensure revenue and enhance customer value, have embarked on a drive to convert their residential consumers from a manual credit metering system to prepaid automated metering based on two-way communications. The ADDAX solution achieves this aim in a cost-effective package while meeting all IEC standards, including COSEM DLMS using the existing power line network.

ADD Grup is based in the Republic of Moldova.