Ericsson to participate in smart grid rollout in Kuwait


The consortium is being led by Kuwait telecommunications company Zain to implement multiple smart grid projects which include a smart meters installation programme through to 2024.

Ericsson will provide and install an advanced metering infrastructure technology and various managed services to improve utility operations and the management of telecommunications networks for IoT applications.

For instance, Ericsson said it will provide managed solutions to enable prepaid services and improvements in the management of energy systems through analysis of grid performance data.

The project is claimed to be one of the largest utilities’ digital transformation initiatives in the Middle East.

Some 800,000 smart electric and water meters are expected to be deployed under the programme to help the Ministry of Electricity and Water to accurately bill consumers and improve its revenue collection.

The smart meters are being deployed to help consumers improve their water and energy efficiency through access to real-time usage data via the Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform using mobile devices.

In addition to offering consumers with personalised services, the Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform will help utilities increase customer services through improved interaction with consumers.

Wojciech Bajda, head of the customer unit at Ericsson, said: “We have worked closely together with Zain Kuwait from the start of this digital transformation initiative, and we have made a long-term commitment to enable new revenue streams. We really look forward to being part of this project and to help develop the smart city infrastructure.”

Smart meters installation programme

The news follows an announcement made in early June by the Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) of its partnership with Zain to implement a smart meters project.

The ministry announced that it signed a deal with Zain for the deployment of a smart meters installation project in which the telecoms company will develop, manage and operate an advanced metering infrastructure over a period of seven years.

The announcement said the telecoms firm will collaborate with E&Y in deploying the KD 22 million ($7.2 million) smart meters installation project. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.