Smart, Smarter, AIM – Advanced Iskraemeco Management


Today, Iskraemeco is a provider of system solutions and is extending its business to the provision of services in the area of electricity metering and billing. Constant development and growth for more than six decades has already established Iskraemeco as one of the leading world companies in metering products and systems. It has always built its growth on experience, innovations and new technologies in order to satisfy customers’ needs.

Experience, innovations and new technologies for complete AIM
The know-how is being incorporated into the products along the entire metering chain – from meters to invoicing and energy management solutions, with the aim of providing all-inclusive metering data services. Metering products are based on internationally recognised standards and meet the requirements of applicable international and national legislation. Standardisation and continuing developments ensure the flexibility, reliability, high quality and compatibility of Iskraemeco’s products and services.

Iskraemeco is able to provide complete solutions for metering and management of electricity in all electricity market segments – from production and transmission to distribution. Iskraemeco products are present in 100 countries worldwide, a focus on meeting customer needs and opportunities to expand the breadth of products and services in new and existing markets also resulted in cooperation with other leading players.

Iskraemeco is a reliable, innovative and flexible partner for utilities worldwide
Strong and stable El Sewedy-Iskraemeco financial ownership, EU location, our own development and production facilities, four production plants worldwide, knowledge, experience and a support base are arguments which are not negligible in the current recession. Iskraemeco’s motto is a satisfied customer, which is also reflected by our vision, mission and values. We make efficient energy use easy, which has been achieved by high product quality as well as state-of-the-art technology used in our products. We have established 22 companies worldwide of which some are production and some are associated companies that guarantee and continue communication with our customers, learning about their needs and requirements. Our sales network covers more than 100 markets around the world. Our target is to become a leading centre for the development of new technologies and products on the global level. Our vision is to become the preferred global supplier of solutions for energy management. We employ our expertise in the partnership with our customers to assist them achieve successful business results.

Iskraemeco is one of the leading providers of reliable, innovative and flexible advanced metering systems and infrastructure solutions to utilities for all, residential, commercial and industrial applications. The contemporary AMI solutions from Iskraemeco are based on 25 years of experience in the field of metering systems, high quality devices complemented with a sound understanding of customers’ needs and the deployment and operational track record of AMI technology and services. Iskraemeco’s reliable and user-friendly system solutions are deployed in the pioneering AMR/AMM Scandinavian markets, most advanced smart metering solutions in the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany and other EU countries as well as Australia and New Zealand, and are expanding worldwide.

Iskraemeco provides value for all energy market players: utilities, consumers, energy suppliers and regulators. The building blocks of our expertise are understanding the customer’s business, a professional and enthusiastic staff, innovative and high quality products and systems and sound international experience. Iskraemeco’s mission is to enable utilities and industry to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. Providing the metering products and systems which enable electricity management is the Iskraemeco’s contribution to sustainability.

The European Union has set itself ambitious targets for the year 2020: to reduce the output of greenhouse gases by 20%, to improve energy efficiency by 20% and to increase the percentage of renewable energy by 20%. In order to achieve these ambitious targets, the continuous development of fully operational Smart Metering systems across Europe is essential. Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Smart meter technologies deliver significant benefits to consumers, as well as more sustainable energy, gas and water management and increased security of supply. However, environmental and customer care are always placed to the fore.

As already mentioned, Iskraemeco, the Slovene company from Kranj, is at the top in terms of mastering Cutting Edge Technology. Its first AMM projects for residential users were started at the beginning of 2004 in Scandinavian countries. Its AMM/AMI systems are installed not only in Scandinavian but also in most other European countries, in Slovenia, Egypt, in the Balkans, in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Near East, the Far East and developing countries. Iskraemeco is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of data readout via low-voltage networks (PLC), and among the world’s top in relation to GSM/ GPRS/SMS technologies of data transmission and collection. The company is future-oriented. The main drivers of our research and development are the latest developments in metering technologies: new metering elements and systems, integrated communication, automatic meter reading, remote load control & supervision and smart house applications. Using the most recent developments in microelectronics, we develop “intelligent” flexible products with multiple functionalities. With the focus on customer needs, we develop system software for support in electricity billing and demand management for both industrial and residential consumers in one.

Although AMR creation was lengthy, its existence was short. It has already become history. It was replaced by AMM (Automated Meter Management) and then by AMI (Automated Meter Infrastructure). The Advanced Integrated Meter or Advanced Integrated Management (AIM) is an absolute “hit” right now, enabling much more than just automatic data reading. It is an interface among electricity producers, suppliers, agents, distributors, users, integrators, regulators, legislators, customer services … and, of course, equipment manufacturers. AIM is a major challenge for all those involved.

It enables these businesses either to participate in, or provide, demand response solutions, products and services. By providing information to customers, the system assists change in energy usage from normal consumption patterns, either in response to price changes or as incentives designed to encourage lower energy usage at times of peak-demand or higher wholesale prices or during periods of low operational systems reliability. AIM does this not only for electricity, but also for other energents.

AMI “has raised the bar” with regard to traditional automatic meter reading in that it requires fresh data to be presented to the data consumers. Traditional systems that were only capable of monthly meter readings do not qualify as AMI/AIM systems.

A three-level pyramid structure (the lowest measuring, medium communication and upper data subsystem) is characteristic of AMM/AMI/AIM. Measurement has become understandable in itself, while the service has a price which the system allows, and the smart meter is only its basic element.

Iskraemeco services cover all three levels of AIM structure. SEP2W is the head-end system software with many flexible modules, developed and adapted to actual requirements and customer demands: management, device access, report, alarm, validation, import/export, application interface and prepayment. SEP2W products are SEP2W System Base, SEP2W System Professional, SEP2W System Enterprise and SEP2W Integrator. The SEP2W architecture is designed to be driven as an independent application or a database for other applications and head-end systems. Standard interfaces enable the database to be imported or exported. SEP2W system software supports meters from other producers, with appropriate drivers. Prepayment functionality, which is very popular and has recently become a requirement, is fully supported inside the smart meter and can operate in many functionality modes with fixed or/and flexible costs. Emergency Credit, Initial Credit and Limitation Features are customer friendly and allow minimum consumption; even the meter is not uploaded with a new credit. SEP2W is not just system software, it also enables firmware upgrades and field parameters change.

The web services ready concentrator is “the heart” of the medium, communication level. It supports up to one thousand meters with PLC communication downwards and has many communication possibilities upwards. Installation (Dynamic Addressing), maintenance and reading are fully automated and don’t need any field interventions or system parameters setting (IaM – Install and Manage). Based on “real life” field experience in rural and urban environments, Iskraemeco offers a wide range of communication interfaces and possibilities.

And, of course, meters. The first AMM projects for residential users were started at the beginning of 2004 in Scandinavian countries. That was the 35y meters family; two years later 37y and today 38y. Y stands for one to five, depending on communication upwards: PLC (faster communication), GSM/ GPRS/UMTS, RS-485, RF and Ethernet. Some new measuring and technical platforms are going to be presented at the beginning of 2009, of which the In House Display (IHD) will make energy, gas and water management, purchase and consumption even more user-friendly for the end-user customer. We have started production of the NTA (Netherlands Technical Agreement) meters, which were developed in a very short time and shown for the very first time at Metering 08 in Amsterdam. The NTA concept provides a very smart meter without additional communication or support devices, which means high functionality integration and easy installation and maintenance. The NTA (DSMR – Dutch Smart Metering Requirements) model is just one stop on our development roadmap. There are also other AMI models upcoming which require simpler meters and additional – not integrated devices (MUC, Energy Box …) for Germany, Portugal, Great Britain and developing countries.

Meters for industrial and commercial AMR solutions have been part of the standard Iskraemeco offer for decades and are the subject of constant improvements and adding new features. Very precise meters are intended for electricity transmission (high power, MW) measurements. The quality of energy supplied is of great importance for industrial users (factories, institutions, hospitals, government institutions, etc.), since major voltage oscillations and frequent failures can seriously jeopardise not only production but also people’s lives and health. Great emphasis is therefore put on certain other electricity parameters, both with precision meters and meters intended for commercial consumers.

The key elements of the system are reliable measurement and data storage, multi-functionality, fast and reliable communication, protection of data transmission (validation, verification, authentication), safety and user-friendliness.