Smart water Jordan: Itron deploys meter ‘tailored to Middle East’

City of Amman, Jordan, uses Itron water meters
Water utility Miyahuna said supplying drinking water in Amman is a ‘daily challenge’ due to instability in the region and scarce resources

Smart water meters continue to make headlines with Itron kickstarting a project to upgrade water measurement technology in the Middle East.

Itron has started deploying its ultrasonic water metering technology in the city of Amman in Jordan on behalf of the Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) in a bid to reduce non-revenue water losses.

The metering manufacturer said its static ultrasonic water meter is “designed and tailored for Middle Eastern conditions”.

Itron said in a statement: “With no moving parts, [the meter] allows for protection against unplanned maintenance costs and provides highly accurate measurement over the entire product life.”

Itron France will manufacture and install 123,000 smart residential ultrasonic water meters by the end of July 2016.

Itron will also monitor the data management system for three years to ensure the water utility is using the technology to its capacity.

The contract with Miyahuna is part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in November 2014, during a visit by the Jordanian King Abdullah II to France.

Miyahuna, which provides water to approximately 760,000 customers in the capital and in the provinces of Zarqa and Madaba, secured funds from a soft loan granted by the French Treasury.

Commenting on the need for the smart water meters, Munir Oweis, CEO of Miyahuna, said: “Potable water supply for Amman city is a daily challenge, especially in the current regional crisis.

“In these difficult conditions, the support provided by the highest authorities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Miyahuna has already enabled a significant increase in the level of water produced in Amman.

He added: “The essential reinforcement of our loss reduction policy can be initiated in 2015 thanks to the contract signed with Itron.”

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