South Africa utility installs CRM system


Eskom, South Africa’s largest utility, has selected UK software firm Graham Technology to provide a customer relationship management (CRM) system for its 3.5 million customers. Graham Technology’s award-winning business process framework solution, GT-X, will drive the new CRM application, which is in the final testing phase and is expected to be operational in October 2004. The strength of GT-X is that it consolidates rather than replaces existing business systems, thus protecting previous technology investments.

Eskom receives an average of 26,000 customer calls each month, and wanted a system that would boost customer service, productivity and cut costs by managing and accessing information more effectively. The new CRM application will be implemented locally by a joint team, which is being managed by consultants Accenture.

Eskom Distribution is in the throes of restructuring, and the CRM system had to be scalable, with a robust platform that can be added to if technologies such as integrated voice response (IVR) are required at a later stage. The platform is capable of supporting all incoming traffic as well as outbound customer campaigns, and uses all major electronic interfaces, including telephone, e-mail, mobile phone text messaging and the Internet. / /