Tanesco upgrades billing system


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — (METERING.COM) — November 2, 2009 – The Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) has completed the first phase of a major project to upgrade its billing system.

The solution, HiAffinity from DST Global Solutions Billing, is expected to help enable Tanesco enhance customer service levels for its 500,000 domestic, commercial and government customers, who are serviced by the company’s 24 regional offices.
As part of the upgrade to HiAffinity, Tanesco will be merging all of the regional offices into a central head office database. This project includes the development of an off-line receipting module. This enables the regional offices to download data from the head office so that in the event of a network failure the cashier can continue to answer customer queries and take payments.
In addition to centralized reporting, the upgrade to HiAffinity is expected to bring a host of additional features and functions, including intelligent debt recovery (automated chasing and recovering of debt), a business rules engine (incorporating a workflow tool for automating key processes such as new connections) and quality of service  (to maintain records of customer contacts). Further functionality, such as hand-held meter reading devices and direct debit interfaces, may be added in the future based on Tanesco’s requirements.
Salome Nkondola, chief information officer at Tanesco, commented: “The upgrade to HiAffinity in the first four regions has gone extremely smoothly with no delays or problems, and we look forward to completing the rollout to the remaining regions in the very near future. We are also confident that the new centralized structure and additional functions offered by HiAffinity will deliver tangible benefits in terms of cost savings and process efficiencies.”
Phase one of the project, which included the creation of the centralized environments and the merging of the first three Dar Es Salaam regions into it, is now complete. Although the project required a complex migration schedule, DST Global Solutions Billing was able to train Tanesco staff in order to complete the rollout. The in-house team has successfully merged a further six regions and will forge ahead with the remaining fifteen with on-going support from DST Global Solutions Billing.

It is anticipated that the project will be completed before the end of 2010.