Tasmania moves towards energy efficient homes by 2010


20 October 2009 – The State Government delayed implementation of the five star standard while it consulted the construction industry but the Minister Assisting the Premier on Climate Change Lisa Singh says the regulation will come into effect from the start of 2010.

"We need to provide a sustainable building future so that we do reduce our energy consumption but also we save costs in the process," Ms Singh said.

The regulations cover property orientation, insulation and energy efficient building materials.

Ben Wilson was involved with constructing thermal performance test homes for the University of Tasmania and says it may take some time for home owners to recoup the costs.

"Independent study has shown that it could be up to 20 years that those returns and benefits are given back to the consumer," Mr Wilson said.

"I believe it is a case by case basis but that’s certainly the result we have seen from the project here."