The automatic meter reading system – the solution to reducing non revenue water!


One of the major concerns of all the water utilities in the world is to reduce the very high level of water losses.

The large difference between the amount of water being put into the distribution system and the amount being measured and invoiced is classed as Non Revenue Water. The estimated losses worldwide caused by Non Revenue Water amounts to around €10 billion per year. One third of the losses identified in the developing world are based on World Bank information, and amount to 45 million m3 lost per day. An estimated amount of 30 million m3 per day are delivered to industrial or domestic customers without being invoiced, mainly because of leaks, corruption, poor metering , tampering, fraud, etc.

A very high Non Revenue Water level normally indicates a poor performance of the water utilities. To identify the losses in due time and to improve the performance of the water utilities, it is more than necessary to integrate the following settings:

  • Installation of water meters with high metrological features (R 800 MID today, Class. C yesterday)
  • Equipping of water meters with Automatic Meter Reading system – AMR (walk by, drive by/GPRS systems)
  • Leak detection systems (localisation and histogram)


has rapidly understood the importance of developing technologies and systems in order to provide solutions to the problem of Non Revenue Water.

  • The DIEHL METERING GROUP has developed efficient water meters – ALTAIR and AQUILA – with a high dynamic range (1000 for Altaïr) and a very low starting flow allowing an early metering and invoicing starting level (0.5 litres for Altaïr).
  • With the fourth generation of the IZAR radio system, the DIEHL METERING GROUP has taken the Automatic Meter Reading system further in order to enable water utilities to produce flow statistics and identify network sections operating under leak conditions on bulk meters. During the reading phase the IZAR AMR system will deliver several alarm signals related to underflow, overflow and backflow. This will clearly inform the utility that the installed water meter is not properly sized and is therefore a source of Non Revenue Water.
  • With the IZAR radio installation on domestic and divisionary meters, it is now possible to avoid any misreading, corruption and tampering during the reading and the billing phase. The DIEHL METERING GROUP IZAR AMR system is able to transmit every 8 seconds over a 15-year period the exact consumption index information.

With 12 years of experience and several million installed radio units, the DIEHL METERING GROUP has been able to enhance the major relationship between Non Revenue Water and the importance of implementing advanced AMR technology in order to reduce these significant losses.