US data analytics firm collaborates with Smart Cities Council


In a press statement, SAS said it collaborated with the Smart Cities Council to help metropolitan areas transform into smart cities using IoT and data analytics.

Under the partnership, SAS will provide its data analytics solutions as well as work with the council in various initiatives to help cities improve city management, citizen services, public safety and quality of life.

Paula Henderson, Vice President of the SAS State and Local Government Practice said: “Cities will be drawing from an array of technologies to handle current and future data challenges.”

Henderson added:  “Collecting, cleaning and integrating data are foundational to good analytics. But while data management will always be a priority, it’s become more critical to process and analyze the large amounts of information coming from new sources on a daily basis.”

She reiterated: “To handle larger data challenges, such as sensors in IoT, we’ll need ‘analytics at the edge.’ That’s where cities act on data at the source without pausing to ingest, transport or store it. This is the next frontier that we are anxious to explore alongside the Smart Cities Council and its members.”

Smart cities development initiatives

[quote]In other smart city news, in late February US telecommunications company, AT&T, announced it is broadening its global footprint with its smart cities framework with the addition of Southern Company and Hitachi to its alliance.

The telecoms company launched its smart cities framework with new strategic alliances, spotlight cities, and integrated vertical solutions – with Southern Company and Hitachi as new additions.

AT&T also highlighted Montgomery County, Maryland and Chapel Hill in North Carolina as two cities for smart city development. Deloitte was also named a project partner.

Isiah Leggett, county executive of Montgomery County, Maryland said: “As we plan for the future of transit in Montgomery County, we’re actively working with partners to build a cutting-edge system that will serve our residents for decades.

“This collaboration with AT&T and Deloitte will provide the resources to explore futuristic possibilities which would have been difficult to accomplish alone and builds on our existing internet of things programs.”