Water losses cost South Africa millions


Lindiwe Hendricks,
South African Minister,
of Water Affairs
Cape Town, South Africa — (METERING.COM) — February 16, 2007 – South African Minister of Water Affairs Lindiwe Hendricks says that over 600 billion liters of piped water for domestic use are lost each year because of poor infrastructure, inaccurate meters, theft, and failing to bill customers. 600 billion liters represents close to 30 per cent of the total amount of water supplied to residential customers, and the cost to government is $455,000 annually.

Hendricks said that about 14% of the water lost could be saved or recovered through the reduction of physical water losses, taking into account 15% unavoidable annual real losses. The balance would need to be recovered by addressing unauthorized consumption, replacing inaccurate meters, and improving billing systems so that both authorized and unauthorized consumption was calculated accurately and billed for.

The Department of Water Affairs has confirmed that the matter is receiving urgent attention.