Water meters for Kuwait


A contract to deliver 170,000 water meters for use in residences, government buildings and other facilities throughout Kuwait has been secured by Elster, which is providing customised meters that meet the specific needs of the Kuwaiti market.

The Elster automatic meter reading (AMR) meters will enable Kuwait to more effectively monitor consumption and strengthen the nation’s water management programmes.

Designed to withstand temperature ranges from above 90 degrees Celsius to below freezing, as well as violent sand and dust storms, the M190 water meters will be deployed inside and outside of house walls and in sidewalks.

The smart meters are designed to function properly regardless of sediments or containments in the water supply and can accurately measure varying levels of water quality. In addition, the meters are equipped with future-proof connectivity and interface systems designed to meet the demands of future smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects.

In Kuwait, like most desert countries, water conditioning is very complex and expensive, and fresh water is not always delivered through pipes to homes. Accurately monitoring water consumption and educating citizens on proper water conservation practices are essential to maintaining the nation’s water infrastructure.