Water network monitoring solution from TaKaDu comes to Latin America


Yehud, Israel — (METERING.COM) — April 26, 2012  – The water network monitoring solution from TaKaDu is to be made available in the Latin American market through new regional distributors Gerentec Engenharia in Brazil, BTP Medidores in Colombia, and Atacama Water & Technology (AWT) in Chile.

Water network monitoring helps water utilities take control of their networks by giving them real time knowledge and alerts about inefficiencies and water loss in addition to other problems in their water distribution infrastructure.

The TaKaDu solution uses existing meter and sensor readings and advanced algorithms to detect, accurately identify and report network events, such as leaks, bursts and other faults. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model enables quick set-up and ease of use, requiring no changes to existing equipment or any upfront investment.

As water loss is a serious concern in Latin America, water companies are adopting innovative technologies such as the TaKaDu water network monitoring solution in order to improve network performance.

“Utilities in Latin America consider water loss and network inefficiencies their highest priority,” said Eddy Segal, TaKaDu’s business director for LatAm. “Water companies in Colombia, Brazil and Chile, as well as other parts of the continent, are investing in solutions to address these problems, and our local partners can help the utilities with their water loss reduction efforts using TaKaDu’s advanced online service.”
In Colombia BTP Medidores has been focusing on deploying meters and sensors in many utilities through its partnership with Sensus. The TaKaDu solution takes the data from existing meters and turns it into network insight.

In Chile Atacama Water & Technology (AWT) were responsible for integrating TaKaDu at Aguas de Antofagasta in May 2011.

In Brazil the TaKaDu solution will complement Gerentec Engenharia’s portfolio of services.

These new regional partners join a growing network of global and local distributors in Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and Australia.