Wireless products for the African market


Energy Meter –
a single phase
kWh meter
Johannesburg, South Africa — (METERING.COM) — August 21, 2007 – ChipWare Technology, a company specializing in the development of wireless solutions for industrial applications, has developed a range of wireless products ideal for the African market with Wavecom wireless modules from Trinity Telecomms.

“As a technology company, clients approach us with ideas to solve their business challenges and we design and develop the solution. We have had an increasing number of requests for wireless solutions for a wide range of applications,” explains Vernon Viviers of ChipWare.

“The Wavecom wireless modules are perfect for these applications, providing both wireless communications via the cellular network, as well running embedded application software itself. We have currently standardized on the Q24 PLUS which offers us GSM/GPRS communications for data and SMS.”

The ABBACUS Energy Metering (Management) solution offers intelligent meter reading and GSM/GPRS communication. This dual capability meter is remotely switchable between credit-based and prepaid (pay as you go) metering. Single and three phase power meters can communicate the reading to a back office server via the cellular network, without needing to send personnel onto the property. The ABBACUS Energy Meter has a built-in switch that can be controlled remotely, connecting and disconnecting the user from the power grid.

PowerWatch is another solution used in conjunction with the ABBACUS system. It is a wireless electricity switch for utility providers, bodies corporate and other suppliers of power, enabling them to remotely switch the power off in a particular location by means of an SMS. This eliminates the need to send personnel to the site, which is expensive and can be dangerous in some situations.

In order to extend the solution even further to the actual payment for the utility, specifically in the case of prepaid metering, ChipWare has partnered with South African company TouchPay to provide a bank switch for the automatic deduction of the authorized prepaid amount from the client’s bank account. The system also provides several other methods of purchasing credits remotely – point of sales (both manned and unmanned), cell phone credit purchase and roaming agents.