World Energy Focus 2017 report focuses on innovation


The World Energy Focus 2017, the official annual publication of the World Energy Council, has been released.

The 2017 edition features interviews and articles from CEOs, energy ministers and leaders from across the world about the energy transition and how innovation is driving change. The report focuses on policy, digitalisation, decarbonisation and business model innovations that are driving the change and leading towards a sustainable energy future.

Says Younghoon David Kim, Chair of the World Energy Council: “we see a much more complicated and fast-moving landscape for the energy sector. There are many new technologies being utilised today and they are becoming more efficient and cost effective. This creates challenges for mature technologies and the economies that depend upon them. We see further technological developments on the horizon that will either grow strong or fade into memory. However, it is clear the speed of decision-making is raising the stakes to a greater level than ever before.”

The Council anticipates that emerging disruptive trends “will create a fundamentally new world for the energy industry”. As developed economies strive to create an energy sector that is efficient and secure, and developing nations try to unlock potential and transform their economies, decarbonisation and sustainability will reamin key themes.

“When we look at how countries are responding to the triple challenge of the Energy Trilemma—how to provide secure, equitable and environmentally sensitive energy we see great variation…”

“The Trilemma provides the framework for countries to work together, for industry leaders to collaborate around a common understanding and for thought leaders to share their insights and perspectives.”

Focus areas of the report include:

  • Policy and regulation innovation
  • Digital innovation
  • Technology and decarbonisation innovation
  • Business model innovation

The World Energy Focus 2017 can be downloaded here