Israel accelerates transition from coal-fuelled power: 2025 targeted


Israel’s energy minister Yuval Steinitz has announced the country’s plans to accelerate it’s transition away from coal five years earlier than the original 2030 deadline, with coal-powered electricity consumption having halved since 2015.

The fossil-fuel has largely been replaced by natural gas over the period, with oil reserves discovered in the Golan Heights and near the Dead Sea in recent years.

He said: “Together with the expected connection of the Leviathan gas reservoir in the coming weeks and the increase in renewable energy quotas for electricity production, it will be possible to shorten the timetable for replacing coal at coal-fired power plants with natural gas and to bring the State of Israel’s coal era to an end.

“This decision is very significant, first and foremost in order to reduce air pollution for us all.”

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Minister Steinitz confirmed the conversion of coal plants to gas plants will continue on a gradual basis, ensuring a stable electricity supply for the nation.