ZESA to deploy 40,000 smart meters by 2019


According to a local news source, ZESA will install the smart meter units for large power users.

The power utility aims to have deployed 40,000 smart meters upon the project’s completion in 2019.

ZESA said in a statement, “The full scope of the smart metering project us 40,000 meters and the balance will be deployed on a phased approach and the project is expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2019.”

MEA utilities IoT spend increases to $918m in 2017

In related news, findings from the IDC indicate that the forecasted spend on IoT technology by utilities in the Middle East and Africa could reach $918m this year.

According to a recent update to the Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC), overall growth in IoT spend compares favourably to the 18.1% growth seen in 2016, with IDC attributing the market’s performance to the proliferation of digital transformation initiatives across the region as businesses and government entities strive to boost productivity and improve efficiency.

“The MEA IoT market is becoming increasingly competitive, enabling organisations to source a range of innovative digital solutions aimed at transforming business operations, improving the customer experience, and enhancing employee engagement,” says Wale Babalola, research analyst for telecommunications, IoT, and digital media at IDC MEA.

He added: “Indeed, IoT now offers a myriad of industry-specific solutions that can be easily deployed by organizations in a bid to stay ahead of competition.

“IDC expects the manufacturing, transportation, and utilities industries to see the highest levels of IoT-related spending in 2017 as organizations across these verticals look to digitalise their operations and improve their value proposition across different lines of business. The commitment of service providers, application developers, and OEMs to developing purpose built end-to-end IoT solutions is serving as a major driver of the growing adoption we are seeing across the region.” Read more…