coronavirus wind power

Coronavirus to infect China’s wind market – report

The coronavirus outbreak will impact the supply chain and installation operations for wind power not just in China, but the rest of the world.

Corona heavily reduces China’s carbon footprint

COVID-19 has helped the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases to reduce its carbon footprint by a quarter in just two weeks.
Bangladesh renewable

Bangladeshi government: Partners sought for rural renewables

The Bangladeshi government is bidding for more partners to take part in its “Taka” programme, which aims to bring renewable household electricity, street lighting and cooking stoves to every off-grid community in the country.

New World Bank strategy to scale up solar energy production in...

The World Bank has released a new report with recommendations on how Vietnam can accelerate solar energy production and usage.
global energy storage

America, Europe & Asia-Pacific powered 74% of distributed energy storage

A new report from Navigant Research says the mostly first-world nations on these continents were behind the growth of the distributed energy storage industry, but this was aided by government support early on.
water utilities

How water utilities can leverage smart grids to improve revenue

A new report explores the urban water infrastructure market in the Asia Pacific region.

€50 million EU fund to support green infrastructure projects in Southeast...

ADB has secured a €50m fund from the EU to support the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF).
south korea

South Korea’s first HVDC upgrade strengthens renewables transportation

KEPCO and GE upgraded a high-voltage direct current link between South Korea mainland and Jeju Island to optimise the transportation of renewable energy.

Utilities top sustainability and gender equality reporting index

The Conference Board has found that companies are increasing disclosure of environmental sustainability and social practices.

Tajikistan’s digital transformation wins Korea and World Bank support

The World Bank and the Government of the Republic of Korea have agreed to support Tajikistan in building the required infrastructure to increase the efficiency and transparency of public services.

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