A Happy, One-stop eBilling Journey In Hong Kong


By Eric Cheung

In 2006, CLP decided to beef up its efforts in increasing people’s awareness through a series of promotion campaigns. The programme was so successful that not only was there an overwhelming response from the customers, but also the media had prominent coverage focusing on its green value through cutting down paper consumption.

The success of the eBill promotion programme stems from three critical factors: effective communication, alliance with green groups and strong frontline staff support. Moreover, adding to the campaign impetus are incentive offers, such as ‘green’ souvenirs and/or a small electricity rebate.

To build community awareness, a variation of low cost communication channels were employed for the promotion of eBill, including bill inserts, web marketing and posters in the service outlets. Feature stories on eBill were also covered in the customer newsletter where registered users shared their good experiences after signing up.

In an attempt to educate the public on the ‘green’ value, CLP joined hands with three local environmental protection organisations, namely Green Power, Conservancy Association and Consumer Power. Co-organised functions, such as promotion booths in shopping malls and educational talks in schools, were arranged to advocate environmental conservation through cutting down paper consumption. Among the activities were a slogan competition that was run in all primary and secondary schools to raise the environmental awareness and its interconnection with eBill.

Further to the launch of the abovementioned promotion campaigns, community awareness and interest were kindled by prominent publicity in different media. More importantly, CLP’s website witnessed a huge traffic that flocked to register eBill accounts on-line.

On the customer contact front, the voice and face-to-face service channels, i.e. call centre and service outlets, were leveraged to step up the promotion. Every month, frontline staff offered support in handling more than 10,000 eBill enquiries. Thanks to their good work, about 30,000 customers were enticed to register for eBill through these channels. The frontline staff’s cross selling skill truly made a big difference in driving up the eBill performance.

Since the eBill journey took off in early 2006, the result has been extremely encouraging with a sustainable growth seen month after month. In one year, the number of eBill users surged over fifteen-fold from a few thousand to over 120,000. As compared with the traditional paper billing service, cost savings are realised in paper consumption and bill delivery. In addition, with a much stronger foothold in the electronic customer base, CLP is now in a good position to launch e-marketing and e-commerce activities which have a potential to open up new revenue income streams.

In conclusion, CLP has proved that eBill is a win-win-win solution for the environment, its customers and the company. Looking ahead, the company will continue to promote this environmentally friendly and low cost effective billing service, and strive to achieve a greater success.