A new solar energy marketplace launches in Japan


Energy consulting and incubation service provider elDesign, energy retailer Forest Energy and US technology innovator LO3 Energy are launching one of Japan’s first marketplaces for local solar energy.

The marketplace is being launched in Fujimi, Naganoto enables prosumers to sell surplus home solar energy to local residents and businesses.

The marketplace will leverage LO3’s local energy marketplace platform, Pando, to log and aggregate energy supplies and match bidders with sellers using an online auction.

elDesign will be in charge of project management while Forest Energy provides its retail functionality. The pilot project is expected to involve 30 participants.

LO3 Energy CEO Lawrence Orsini said: “The liberalisation of the energy industry and solar PVs starting to reach the end of their feed-in-tariff contract period in Japan has created one of the most progressive markets in the world and there are some exciting opportunities opening up.

“The growth of distributed renewable resources (DERs) is making local energy markets a critical part of energy delivery. Innovative new energy companies like elDesign can capitalise on that by being one of the first to market.

“Consumers are really starting to understand energy better and they are looking for better energy choice at better prices. That is exactly what we are going to give them.”

elDesign spokesperson Ariunsaikhan Munkhtulga added: “The energy industry in Japan is entering a whole new era. New technologies are creating major opportunities for firms like us and we are looking to use them to grow our business.

“We are always looking to help local communities, and have seen interest from the community that suggests accessing local energy is high on the list of consumer priorities. Innovative technologies like blockchain can support this.