A perfect metering combination based on turbine flowmeters


In Europe and America, turbine gas flowmeter is one of the main legal measuring instruments for natural gas flow.

Previously, turbine flowmeters were only able to measure accumulated gas flow. There were, however, deviations in the measurement, and the measurement data could only be collected manually. The accumulated gas volume was the only data available under working conditions and couldn’t be directly converted into a standard condition. The meter state could only be acquired during periodic verification, which caused high labour costs, difficulty in daily management, and poor security assurance.

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With the rapid development of information technology, Tancy Instrument Group Co., Ltd. has upgraded the turbine flowmeter. By creating a turbine flowmeter based total solution, accurate measurement is ensured, while making the measurement mode networked, intelligent and digitalised.

Tancy’s turbine gas flowmeter has powerful general functions, suitable for multi-scene applications. Tancy turbine gas flowmeters conform to ISO9951, OIML R137-1&2 and EN12261 standards, and are accredited by NMi Netherlands. With MID (measurement instrument directive) certification and PED (pressure equipment directive) certification acquired, the company have delivered over 3,000 turbine flowmeters to gas enterprises in more than 11 countries around the world.

Tancy turbine gas flowmeters are verified through the entire product lifecycle, from design to intelligent manufacturing and calibration, so as to ensure its accurate measurement and long-term stable operation after being delivered.

Here are some main features of Tancy turbine gas flowmeters:

• High accuracy: general accuracy is class 1.0. For a higher accuracy product, we can make it class 0.5 or class 0.2;
• Good repeatability: up to 0.05% ~ 0.1%;
• Wide range: up to above 20:1 for DN50 and above;
• Low pressure loss: 0.1 ~ 2.5kPa under normal pressure;
• Besides the traditional mechanical counter, bidirectional increment counters and photoelectric direct reading counters can also be configured.

The Tancy turbine flowmeter has been widely used in the petroleum and chemical industries, electric power, industrial boilers, gas regulating stations, gas transmission and distribution pipelines, urban natural gas and other fields, and has been widely used in custody trade. Across these, Tancy high pressure turbine gas flowmeters are outstanding.

Access to the electronic correction instrument

Imagine what will happen when we connect EVC to the turbine gas flowmeter. The turbine gas flowmeter only measures natural gas volume under measurement conditions, which is working condition gas volume instead of standard gas volume. Furthermore, it cannot store the data.

After connecting to EVC, the gas volume under measurement condition can be converted into standard gas volume, which can be set as pressure temperature correction (PT) and pressure temperature and compression factor correction (PTZ) as needed. At the same time, it can store data showing the status of the flowmeter: gas composition, temperature, pressure etc., and generate daily files, monthly files, periodic files, load profiles and event records, etc.

A Tancy turbine gas flowmeter embedded with an IoT module, in cooperation with the IoT platform, can help gas enterprises to adopt an accurate measurement + IoT operation mode. They can further realize remote meter reading, online security monitoring, abnormal alarming, gas theft prevention, remote top up, big data analysis etc., achieving more efficient operations and maintenance.

Tancy IoT based turbine gas flowmeters have been successfully applied in a number of large-scale projects in China, especially the Daxing airport, which was officially put into operation on 25 September this year.

Named one of the “Seven New Wonders of The World” by The Guardian, Daxing airport is the first smart airport in the world that has fully utilised technologies including IoT, cloud computing, big data and AI. The entire airport has been equipped with 350 Tancy NB-IoT gas flowmeters. Tancy IoT based turbine gas flowmeters are one of the main meter types which enable the intelligent brain of the natural gas operation in the airport.


Chaojian Tao is a professional senior engineer in instrument technology with a Master’s degree in instrumentation engineering. He is a member of the national flow metering technical committee, and a member of National TC124/SC1 on Industrial Process Measurement, Control and Automation of SAC (SAC/TC124/SC1).

Tancy was established in 1995 and specialises in the production of gas meters and gas flow standard equipment. In order to build a high-precision, high-safety and high-stability intelligent terminal in line with international standards, Tianxin Instrument fully implemented intelligent manufacturing in 2012 and integrated information technology, advanced manufacturing technology, automation technology and artificial intelligence technology, so as to ensure high output values, high quality and high traceability.