ABB and Phillips partner to deliver smart home solution in China

Cisco, Bosch set up single platform for smart home appliances
The growth rate of smart home in China has maintained over 30% for four years (2011 – 2014) successfully. In 2014, the market scale hit CNY 28.61 billion, up 39.36% over 2013

Global power and automation technology company ABB, has partnered with Koninklijke Philips N.V., a Dutch electronics company to introduce its combined smart home solution for the Chinese residential market.

Through the partnership ABB will integrate its’ i-Jia home automation system with Philips’ Hue connected lighting system to offer the Smart Home in Chinese homes.

According to a report by Green Technology Market Research, the independently-developed smart home market in China is gradually maturing, competing with other smart home systems and products.

From 2011-2014, the growth rate of smart homes in China has successfully maintained over 30% for four years, in which, in 2014, the market scale hit CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) 28.61 billion, up 39.36% over 2013.

Chinese household consumers will be able to use ABB’s i-Jia dashboard app to control the Hue lighting system, TV and other household appliances.

Encouraging smart home adoption through education

The purpose of the partnership between ABB and Phillips is to educate Chinese consumers about the smart home concepts and connected products. The US and China are reported to be in close competition in terms of overall smart home market share.

The Financial Times adds that China currently leads the Asia-Pacific consumer electronic market.

Says Pohcheng Gay, head of ABB China Low Voltage Products: “Advances in the area of intelligent and connected technologies are driving the development of smart homes and buildings.”

Eric Yu, Vice President of Philips Lighting Greater China, added: “Connected lighting is the cornerstone of the Internet of Things. We look to collaborating with companies to accelerate the application of lighting in the development of the smart home market.

“This latest move with ABB extends our existing collaboration in the professional market that combines our connected lighting systems with ABB’s building automation systems for mid- and small-sized commercial buildings. The new collaboration with ABB will enhance Chinese consumers’ smart home experience and steer the sector’s development in China in a healthy and pragmatic way.”