AMR system trialed to reduce energy theft


Karachi, Pakistan — (METERING.COM) — January 21, 2008 – The Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) is trialing an AMR system to establish its effectiveness in preventing power theft in the city.

The 100 AMR meters have been installed in buildings where electric consumption is high, following a decision by KESC to focus on technology as a means of improving revenue collection. If the trials are successful the utility will consider rolling out the system to all customers – in particular larger commercial and industrial customers with high consumption.

KESC plans to put out an international tender for the supply of an AMR solution if the decision is taken to move forward with the project. In recent months the utility has replaced some 50,000 faulty meters with electronic meters, which have had a significant effect on improved revenue collection. Transmission and distribution losses have already been reduced by about 3 percent – an important factor in a city where regular load shedding takes place because of the shortage of power.