Bangalore uses IBM system to monitor bulk flow meters


IBM is helping Indian water utility Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) to manage its complex water distribution system.

BWSSB supplies water to nearly 800 square kilometres of Bangalore but the main water sources are not sufficient to meet the needs of the city’s 10 million population.

The challenge for the tech solutions giant was to create a system to monitor the equal distribution of available water across the divisions and sub divisions.

IBM devised an operational dashboard to serve as a command centre for monitoring, administering and managing the city’s water supply networks.

The command center will now monitor 284 of the city’s 784 bulk flow meters.

The data received will provide a single view of each flow meter showing key performance indicators such as latest flow rate, total flow in a 24-hour period and average total flow over past seven days, as well as the geographical location and time of last update.

Data from every working flow meter will be reported on a single dashboard.

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