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Industry forecasts and reports suggest that the global cyber security market is estimated at US$74.2 bn and is expected to reach US$224.48 bn by 2022
The number of connected devices in households in OECD countries is expected to be 14 bn by 2022 — up from around 1.4 bn in 2012
The number of connected devices in households in OECD countries is expected to be 14 bn by 2022 — up from around 1.4 bn in 2012

In Southeast Europe, telecomminications provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BH Telecom, has partnered with system integrator, QSS, to collaborate on a Internet of Things platform to enable connected home, monitoring, and smart metering applications in Bosnia.

The platform was made available at the QSS Enterprise Day 2015 conference, held in Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. According to system integrator QSS, the project in the largest IoT undertaking in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project is envisioned to enable a wide variety of IoT applications including a connected home system – system management and monitoring of private buildings, smart metering – for control systems calculation anc consumption of utilities, and other commercial applications, such as the ‘connected office’ – as a monitoring systems for buildings and data centres.

The IoT platform will also extend to serve solar weather system for industrial purposes for exmaple, management of farms and food plantations.

Says Isan Selimovic, director at QSS: “We are extremely pleased that our long-term partner BH Telecom, with the help of exclusively local knowledge, market offer such a set of advanced services. IoT is a topic that is in the world and explores the many stories, but relatively few companies have serious services to offer. 

“It is extremely important for long-term success of local companies to this advanced and fast growing service offers one of the first in the region.”

Adnan Hantalašević, M2M and Cloud Solutions Development Specialist in BH Telecom added: “Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely transformed the way we live and work.

The company added that flexible IoT solutions provides connectivity regardless of location and industry whether is be – automotive, agriculture, energy, health, transport and logistics, and more.

Hantalašević concluded by saying, “… IoT solutions can help you to reach business objectives faster, creating new business models and new business opportunities, automating processes and improving operational efficiency.”