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In India, the Chandigarh Electricity Department filed a proposal with energy regulator Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) to deploy a smart grid project.

The utility department has requested that JERC approve Rs 49.67 crore ($7.3 million) in capital expenditure to fund the implementation of its smart grid project.

Under the project, the Chandigarh Electricity Department will deploy 30,000 smart electric meters to improve its customer services by ensuring accurate power billing to its residential, commercial and industrial customers.

The project is expected to help the electricity department eliminate non-revenue electricity by ensuring that it meters and bills all of its 197,931 consumers in Chandigarh city. At the moment, the company predicts that it is only billing 94% of its consumers.

In addition to the installation of smart meters, the utility department will also use the approved budget to integrate a meter data acquisition system (MDAS), meter data management (MDM), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and distribution transformer monitoring units (DTMU).

[quote] The project will be partly funded under the National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM). The NSGM is a government agency established by the Ministry of Power to accelerate the development and implementation of smart grid technologies and programmes in India through project planning and funding.

Once JERC approves the utility’s smart grid budget for rollout of the AMI project, Chandigarh Electricity Department expects to complete the project within 12 months.

The utility firm is also currently looking for a firm to partner with in implementing the project, reported The Indian Express.

Smart grid budget

The news follows an announcement made by Swedish Ministry of Environment and Energy in early October that it plans to invest up to $3.5 million to ensure grid reliability and improve clean energy adoption in India.

The Swedish ministry will direct the capital towards research and development of clean energy technologies in India.

The money will be used to develop technologies to simplify integration of renewable energy sources with energy storage systems and grid networks. [India selects local firm for rollout of smart grid pilot].

The funding falls under an agreement on energy cooperation signed by the two countries in 2010.


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