China State Grid Corporation selects GIS Providers for Smart Grid


April 7, 2010 – China Information Security Technology, Inc. (CIST) a solutions provider of digital security, GIS  and  information systems in China, announced that the State Grid Corporation of China selected the Company’s geographic information systems as one of its only two suppliers for the build-out of the nationwide Smart Grid in China. CIST is the only domestic Chinese supplier. The other supplier is ESRI, a US company.

The State Grid Corporation of China develops and operates the electric grid providing electricity nationwide and is one of the most vital state-owned enterprises in China. Responding to the challenges and the development of the electric utilities industry in China, the State Grid launched a project called "SG186" to further strengthen its information systems to support the build-out of the nationwide Smart Grid. The major functions for CIST’s geographic information systems will be to integrate Smart Grid management functions on the GIS platform as a portal and visualize the structure of the grid.

"We are very pleased to be the only Chinese domestic provider of geographic information systems to be chosen by the State Grid Corporation of China," commented Mr. Jiang Huai Lin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Information Security Technology. "This win not only demonstrates the Company’s unmatched technological leading position in Chinese GIS sector, but it is also a testament to the quality of our proprietary GeoStar and GeoGlobe GIS applications, and will lead to a broader use of GIS in many provincial and municipal level grid companies throughout China. We believe that by leveraging our strong R&D capabilities and solid industry reputation together with the Chinese government’s support for domestic GIS products, we will be able to capture important market opportunities related to GIS applications in China."