Hong Kong utility eyes 20% RE by 2020


Currently, the power company is producing 17% of its electricity from smart energy sources to supply its customers in Kowloon, the New Territories and Lantau island in Hong Kong.

According to a local publication, the utility plans to increase its investments in solar and wind power generation as well as in transmission infrastructure.

The utility’s plans aim to reduce carbon emissions and ensure grid security through the use of renewable energy sources. However, by increasing its investments in the transmission of power, CLP looks to avoid loss of its power generated from renewables due to under-utilisation.

[quote] To date, the firm owns a portfolio comprising 3GW of renewable energy plants of which 0.3GW are solar and the rest are wind and hydro.

In 2007, CLP produced 12% of its energy from renewables. The targets form part of CLP’s ‘Climate Vision 2050’ which aims to lower the utility’s carbon emissions.

In India, the company is also operating its 1.1 GW of renewable plants and hopes to expand its portfolio in line with the country’s growing demand of power mainly from solar.

Renewable energy projects in China

The news follows an announcement by the Chinese government that it plans to construct power grids in the north-west province of Xinjiang to allow interconnection with the country’s eastern provinces, Pakistan and other Asian countries.

The grid projects will also guarantee power supply for local residents and enterprises in Xinjiang.

According to China’s news agency Xinhua, the State Grid Corporation of China will in the next five years allocate 200 billion yuan ($31 billion) to Xinjiang Electric Power Company for implementation of the project.

The project will include the grid integration of renewable energy and installation of power transmission lines by 2020.

The initiative is in line with China’s plans to build a global power network to meet global power demand using smart energy technology, as outlined in September by the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, to the UN Sustainable Development Summit, reported the state-run news agency. [China looks to create $50tn global renewable energy grid].

Commenting on the plans, Liu Zhenya, president of the State Grid Corporation, said China will accelerate grid interconnectivity with neighbouring countries such as Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal and Thailand in the coming decade.

Mr Liu added the state estimates a global power network will be completed by 2050.


Image credit: cmx.com