smart meters news round-up

Toshiba's new MCU for smart metersJapanese electronics giant Toshiba launched a new microcontroller this week for use in smart meter applications.

The TMPM311CHDUG is the latest addition to its ARM Cortex-M3-based TX03 series.

Toshiba claims the component, designed for single-phase and three-phase smart meters, has high-precision current measurement, voltage measurement and power calculation due to the 24-bit delta-sigma(∆Σ)-type AD converter.

The allowance for measurement error of single-phase power calculation is within 0.1 %.

Key features for a three-phase power meter solution also includes up to eight channels supported by using two units of the microcontroller in an interlocking way.

Smart meter system

In a statement, Toshiba explained that TMPM311CHDUG can realize a smart meter system that integrates measurement and communication on a board when it is combined with TMPM411F20, which incorporates two Cortex-M4F cores and performs measurement and communication controls on one chip, and enables tamper detection in the power failure and interrupt detection for measurement and communications at super-low power consumption.

Built-in low-noise variable gain amplifier in each conversion channel of the 24-bit ΔΣ-type AD converter will enable high-precision measurement for current from a current sensor. This supports both power calculation meter and various sensor equipment.

The microcontroller also features built-in temperature sensors to allow temperature corrections.

Toshiba confirmed that sample shipments will start in April, with mass production due to kick off in September 2015.