Customers continue to complain about meter accuracy


New Delhi, India — (METERING.COM) — May 12, 2008 – The Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) has released the latest statistics regarding power customer complaints – and close to 90 percent have to do with meters that allegedly run fast or allegedly incorrect bills.

The CGRF was established by India’s distribution companies in 2003 as a vehicle for responding to customer complaints. The latest figures cover the number of complaints received by the CGRF since it began operating in August 2004. While the complaints body has been successful in resolving a number of issues, it seems that energy customers are still convinced that the electronic meters installed to prevent tampering are not recording accurately.

If a meter is found to be faulty it is replaced by the distribution companies; the number of faulty meters identified so far has been small. Meter-related complaints still account for much of the customer dissatisfaction recorded, however, and it appears that there is still a lot of work to do in terms of customer education before the electronic meters are accepted.