Customers continue to resist deployment of electronic meters


New Delhi, India — (METERING.COM) — February 20, 2008 – Some customers of BSES, a power distribution company in New Delhi, are still refusing utility employees access to their premises so that their electromechanical meter can be exchanged for an electronic meter continue to resist the introduction of  sacks two contractors’ employees under Zero Tolerance Policy

BSES sacks two outsourced contractual employees for conniving with the customer and fraudulently installing a meter. The customers’ electricity connection was disconnected on accounting of pending dues of around Rs 2.5 lakh. The customer had a sanctioned load of 25 KW for domestic purposes, but was found misusing it for commercial purposes. Investigations revealed that the customer had bribed Rs 10,000 for having his meter installed

BSES’ Vigilance Department has deployed Flying Squads. They make 50-60 surprise checks in the field and take feedback from the customers.

BSES’s Zero Tolerance Policy vis-à-vis corruption once again resulted in the termination of service of two officials – Raj Kumar and Manohar Lal – employed by a contractor engaged by BSES. The contractor has also been put on notice.

The duo culprits had connived with the consumer and installed a meter at his premises; despite the fact that the consumer was facing charges for misusing a domestic connection for commercial purpose and for owing Rs 2.5 lakh as dues. BSES had dis-connected electricity supply to this consumer and removed his meter in July 2006.

Providing details of the case, a BSES spokesperson said: “The BSES Vigilance Team began work on this case following an anonymous tip off. Investigations revealed that one Raghubir, a resident of 12/7 Dakshin Puri Extension, had connived with the two culprits, after paying a bribe of Rs 10,000, to get a new meter installed on 26 October 2007. This was done without obtaining the mandatory Re-Connection order (RCO). The culprits did this by forging a Reconnection Order entry into the system and by procuring and fixing fake meter seals on the meter.”

Meanwhile, the electricity supply to the consumer has been dis-connected and he has been served with a notice to clear pending dues and have his connection category changed within a stipulated period or face penal action in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Electricity Act, 2003.

BSES has put in place a stringent mechanism of checks and balances to unearth corruption and catch those involved. The latest initiative to check corruption and non compliance is the constitution of Flying Squads. These squads manned by officials from BSES’ Vigilance Department make 50-60 surprise checks daily in the field. Members of the Flying Squad even take feedback from customers about the conduct of BSES employees.

“We once again appeal to all our esteemed consumers against resorting to illegal means as it negate our efforts to minimize theft of electricity and eliminate corruption,” the spokesperson said, adding that BSES has always terminated the services of officials found indulging in illegal and unethical means.

BSES also urges its customers to guard against unscrupulous elements – out to make a quick buck in a clandestine manner and tarnish the company’s image – and not to get intimidated by their threats and false assurances – and not to give them any money – whatever be the reason. All Enforcement related and other payments (fines, penalties and other commercial payments) and are to be made only at designated BSES offices. Customers are further advised to ascertain and verify the identity of persons wanting to check the meter and should immediately alert the nearest BSES office or call 39999888 and 39999777 and inform the local Police should they notice anything suspicious”