Deal watch: Bangladesh gives smart meter contract to NZ’s Abbey Systems


Bangladesh-chittagong smart metersNew Zealand SCADA manufacturing company Abbey Systems has scored a second win in Bangladesh for a smart meter system.

The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BDPD) has commissioned Abbey Systems to deploy a NZD8 million (US$6.1 million) smart meter systems.

The contract is the second big win for the Wellington-based company since completing a NZD6.4 million (US$4.8 million) contract awarded in 2011 to provide a system to remotely monitor and control 34 electricity substations in the Chittagong region.

Abbey Systems will lead a consortium of companies including EDMI of Singapore and Totaltel of Bangladesh, to supply and install the meters, along with connection to the SCADA system that Abbey Systems supplied to Chittagong.

End to meter tampering

BPDB has stated the objective of using the advanced metering system is to locate illegal power connections.

The smart meters will send usage information directly to the BPDB control room, enabling comparisons to be able made between how much energy is supplied in a given area, and how much energy is actually used by customers – helping to identify areas where there are illegal connections, according to the local newspaper report.

The smart meters will communicate by GPRS and WiFi.

The WiFi network is owned and operated by BPDB and the GPRS is owned and operated by a local provider – this diversity of paths ensures that at least one way of communicating with the control room is available at all times.

Advanced metering technology

In other moves towards advanced metering technology, earlier this year, reported that power and energy minister Nasrul Hamid declared how Bangladesh will have prepaid electric metering nationwide by 2021.

The prepay system being installed in Bangladesh is a smart card based system that was developed originally for the Dhaka Electric Supply Company by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.