Home energy management (HEMS) provider Japan’s Nissin Systems is working with a division of Skkynet Cloud Systems to provide data-integration support for its system.

The company based in Kyoto is looking to Cogent Real-Time Systems, a subsidiary of Skkynet Cloud Systems, to provide data integration, programmability and web-based human machine interface support for the server development tool of Nissin’s ECHONET Lite Energy HEMS.

The company says the HEMS server tool is installed on a PC and can aggregate data for monitoring and controlling appliances like air conditioning, lighting, and water heaters connected to smart meters, solar panels, electric vehicles, batteries, and fuel cells.

Toshiaki Ishikura, executive officer of business solutions at Nissin Systems, said: “This is the first tool of its kind, a technical breakthrough with immediate benefits to any homeowner.

“Now anyone can have a fully ECHONET Lite-compatible HEMS by installing this software.”

Web-based control panels can be built with drag-and-drop functionality, giving homeowners an easy way to manage their home energy usage.

ECHONET Lite is a communication standard for smart homes to support communication between home appliances, smart meters, solar power systems, and storage batteries to optimize energy efficiency.

In December 2011, the Japanese Smart Community Alliance along with government and industry announced their recommendation of HEMS as the standard for data communication in Japanese smart homes.