DNV GL study on grid integration of renewable energy

Taiwanese power solutions company Delta Electronics has launched a new battery energy storage solution (BESS) designed as an ‘energy reservoir’ for electricity generated from PV modules in a bid to help utilities reduce or defer grid investment and costs of power dispatch.

The BESS system, which will be on the market from 2015, is a home energy system consisting of a rectifier, charger, micro-inverter, Li-ion battery, controller, sensor module and an energy management system, which can be remotely-controlled via mobile devices. 

Reducing peak demand

The benefits of using the battery energy storage system include reduced grid peak power demand; increased utilisation of renewable energy, such as existing rooftop PV installation; reduced electricity bills by load shift and avoiding high electricity tariffs, the company claims.

Jackie Chang, president and general manager of Delta EMEA, said: “This new flexible and modular system helps managing energy in a grid including intermittent energy sources, such as solar energy.

“With this new solution, Delta contributes to smarter and greener energy management.”

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