Japan selects Enernoc to expand demand response market

[quote] The partnership aims to demonstrate how transmission, distribution and system operators in the East Asian island nation can make use of demand response measures to ensure grid reliability.

In a press statement, Enernoc said it will use its collaboration with IAE to help power companies balance power demand and available power to avoid blackouts.

David Brewster, president of Enernoc, commented: “This new project is another step forward in the unprecedented electricity market reform occurring in Japan, and it will help cement the importance of demand-side management not only in Japan, but across the globe as well.”

The deal adds to previous collaborations between Enernoc and the Japanese government departments in deploying demand response initiatives. [Japan and Iran sign MoU on energy efficiency].

The firm has participated in the Japanese demand response market since 2013.

The solutions provider is hoping to use the contract to provide the largest demand response capacity to the government of Japan.

State funded demand response initiatives

In the US, in early May, Enernoc also partnered with the US Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the rollout of an energy efficiency programme.

Under the three year collaboration, the state will use the firm’s technology to lower energy consumption and costs in its 420 facilities including universities, adminstrative buildings, hospitals and courthouses.

Commenting on the signing of the $5.6m project, Governor Charlie Baker said:  “This innovative program further signals our commitment to using advanced technologies and cutting edge strategies to make state government more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound. [Massachusetts leads US states in energy efficiency].

“This initiative will ensure that Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in energy efficiency standards and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” added the governor.

In late June, the American Electric Power Service Corporation (AEP) partnered with smart grid solutions firm OATI to enhance its demand response capabilities.

In a combined statement, OATI said the integration of its webDistribute platform in AEP’s grid network aims to help the utility enhance the management of its commercial and industrial loads in PJM’s Emergency Market.

The PJM Interconnection is a regional transmission network of wholesale electricity connecting Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia to serve some 61 million consumers.


Image credit: www.swap.ca.