Designated meter for the 2008 Olympic Games


Shenzhen Star Instrument Company’s special prepayment energy meter has been chosen as the designated meter for the international sailing competition at the 2008 Olympic Games. These meters, which can be used with more than one smart card, have been approved after stringent examination by the appropriate departments of the Qingdao government. They are labeled “29th Olympic Games Qingdao international sailing competition base special”.

The organizer of the competition has said that the meters supplied by Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd. have exquisite appearance, measure performance correctly, and are reasonably priced. In addition the functions comply with stipulated requirements. This has led to the company being appointed the designated energy meter manufacturer of the Qingdao International Sailing Competition Base of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Star, whose motto is “Explore the Market with Quality, Build the Brand with Sincerity”, will devote itself to the 2008 Olympic Games by providing reliable quality and professional service.