DHA City Karachi to be developed as first smart city in Pakistan


DHA City Karachi is to be developed as the first smart city in Pakistan, following the signing of an agreement with Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) for integrated communication technology (ICT) services and infrastructure development.

“This strategic partnership is geared towards meeting the higher bandwidth and telecommunications needs of the first smart city in Pakistan,” said Walid Irshaid, president and CEO of PTCL. “PTCL will develop integrated physical and digital infrastructure for the residents of DHA City Karachi that provides optimal ICT services in a reliable and sustainable manner and improves the overall quality of life.”

DHA administrator Brig Muhammad Abdullah said that with the development, DHA City Karachi would enter a new era of modernity where residents would enjoy their lives with international living standards. The new ICT networks and technologies present a huge opportunity in terms of making DCK more sustainable through providing real-time information to the residents, stakeholders and service operators.

The ICT infrastructure will also be used for management of the urban requirements of a smart city, including surveillance, disaster management and e-governance.