Echelon Holley receives China State Grid approval and first order


Ron Sege,
Chairman & CEO,
San Jose, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 15, 2012 – Echelon’s power line communications (PLC) technology and Control Operating System (COS) powered data concentrator module have been granted China State Grid approval through its local joint venture, Zhejiang Echelon Holley Technology Co., Ltd.

The joint venture has also received from Holley Metering its first order for meter modules that incorporate the technology for use in a 30,000 smart meter pilot deployment in Inner Mongolia and been selected for a pilot in Fuping county, located in the Shanxi province.

The Inner Mongolia project started three years ago with other PLC technologies. When the deployment is completed in January 2013, the utility has plans to expand to a larger scale with an additional 10 million new smart meters over the next five years.

The Fuping pilot is being managed by the local utility, part of the Shanxi provincial utility. The 1,000 meter pilot has delivered nearly a 100 percent read rate. Many more meters using the Echelon Holley joint venture communications modules will be installed over the next few months to expand this pilot. If the Fuping pilot performs well, it could expand to other cities or counties in the Shanxi province that are services by the Shanxi utility. 

In addition to the Inner Mongolia and Fuping projects, the Echelon Holley joint venture has also sold its communications modules for use in 11,000 smart meters in smaller pilot projects at 10 sites in five provinces. 

“Echelon’s strategy of bringing our Energy Control Networking platform to China via our joint venture and local smart grid partners is starting to show results,” said Ron Sege, chairman and CEO of Echelon.

State-owned China State Grid Corporation, the world’s largest grid operator and power distributor, has outlined and is aggressively delivering on its five year plan to upgrade China’s electricity grid. State Grid promises reliability of no less than 99.9 percent and on-site response within 45 minutes to repair service in urban areas. To reach these goals, they created a rigorous suite of tests that vendors must pass in order to participate in the future State Grid project to upgrade its 120 million meter market over the next three years.