ECHONET gives Toshiba unit stamp of approval for Tepco roll out


In Japan, Toshiba’s communication unit has received ECHONET certifcation for interoperability between home energy management systems (HEMS) and smart meters, and will be used in a smart meter roll out for Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) this year.

Toshiba will deploy the unit to improve connectivity with HEMS, making it possible to provide many users with interoperable communication services.

The unit meets the public-private agreement within the HEMS-to-Smart Meter implementation guidelines developed by the Japan Smart Community Alliance.

This covers the adoption of ECHONET Lite as the standard communication interface, compliance with the SMA Specification standardised by the ECHONET Consortium, and conformity verification by a third-party certification body.

This technology is part of the overall advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution that Landis+Gyr, a Toshiba Group company, is providing to Tepco.

The communications units for Tepco are all managed by Landis+Gyr’s command centre head end system (HES), which delivers scalable common network management for all communications technologies used by the utility, including 1:N, RF Mesh and G3 PLC.

The command centre supports management and control of ECHONET devices within the AMI system, allowing the utility to integrate management of the HEMS devices with other utility business functions, such as demand response.

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