EDMI partners with ONZO to maximize meter data management


According to a press statement, the partnership include EDMI integrating ONZO’s data analytics into its Cloud service to allow consumers to view their energy usage easily, to maximise energy efficiency and to adapt their behaviour to save money.

Andrew Thomas, Executive Director of EDMI Australasia commented: “Integration between ONZO’s analytics and EDMI’s Energy Cloud platform has begun with the aim to roll out to Australasian customers by February 2016.”

Currently, EDMI’s Advanced Cloud Platform allows utilities to collect and manage information across large smart metering deployments for meter data management and energy use analytics.

ONZO claims its data analytics will enhance EDMI’s solution to provide utilities and energy service providers with a highly personalised energy data analytic solution used for advanced analytics directly to their own customers.

ONZO analytics will be used for gamification, allowing customers to improve energy management, solar analytics, and energy breakdown by appliance.

Spencer Rigler, CEO of ONZO, said: “Through our partnership with EDMI, ONZO’s analytics will enable utilities to truly understand their customer’s energy usage and develop stronger personal relationships. Personalised engagement through gamification and energy breakdown is the next step for the industry and will ultimately improve customer loyalty and reduce churn for utilities.”

Meter Data Management solutions in Australasia region

Meanwhile AMI developments in the Australasia region continues to grow with solutions providers increase their presence in the region.

In Q2 2015, smart metering solutions company Secure Meters confirmed its partnership work with US smart energy platform Silver Spring Networks by discussing their joint-operations in Australasia.

The pair said they spoke of delivering advanced metering solutions in Australia, where they both deployed more than 1.5 million networked energy meters as part of a state-wide smart metering rollout in Victoria, Australia.

Commenting on the joint-project, Babu Babel, CEO Energy at Secure Meters, said: “We were working with advanced technology and were able to quickly deal with the integration for the benefit of customers.

“This is only possible when two companies trust one another; and Silver Spring has been an exemplary partner on this front.”

Secure and Silver Spring have also partnered to deliver smart grid solutions for programmes in New Zealand and Singapore, which was recognised with the “Smart Grid Project of the Year” award at the 2014 Asian Power Awards.