Electric-Car charging stations for Shenzhen, China


September 30, 2010 – The provincial towns of Nanning and Guilin will roll out electric car charging stations to speed efforts for developing a smart grid.

The China Southern Power network operator intends to complete the first stage of smart grid demonstration by 2012, Li Licheng, Head of Expert Committee of China Southern Power Grid said in an interview in Shanghai.

“The roll out of large-scale electric car charging station depends on how many electric cars on the road,” Li said during the Smartricity Asia Congress in Shanghai.

China is using advanced technology in building the ultra- high-voltage power transmission grid, Li added. The state-owned company put into operation a 5-gigawatt ultra high voltage power line between Yunnan and Guangdong province in June.

China Southern Power Grid signed an agreement with BYD Co. on Sept. 27 to build an energy storage station with 3 megawatts of capacity in Shenzhen.