Electricity customers in Thailand get broadband service

Thailand FlagBangkok, Thailand — (METERING.COM) — April 17, 2007 – The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) of Thailand – the largest electricity provider in the country, serving over 50 million people and having approximately 15 million meters – has completed the first phase of its Internet and VoIP over powerlines deployment, delivering broadband service to selected commercial and residential customers.

E-Commerce Business (ECB) the local integration partner specializing in broadband over powerline technology and project management, is using medium and low voltage powerline equipment from Corinex Communications to form the communications backbone for the Internet service.

Phase 1 of the project delivered broadband service over 25 Mbps over the medium and low voltage lines, and has been running for over two months. The phase 2 expansion will begin shortly, and will add smart grid applications such as ECB’s automatic meter reading solution to the Corinex network.

“We have conducted the trial project with ECB, who teamed up with Corinex to deliver the Internet backbone as they demonstrated the capabilities in advanced powerline technology,” said Jirasak Tongtar, PEA Director of ICT Business development. “Now that we have seen the pilot project deliver an effective and stable network, we plan to implement this technology on our power grids for our class 3 licence telecommunication services.”