Indian state gov to replace 276,000 streetlights with LED models


The energy efficiency projects will be deployed as part of the state government’s energy conservation programme Andhra Pradesh State Energy Efficiency Development Corporation (APSEEDCO).

Under the energy conservation programme, the Andra Pradesh state government is set to install some 276,000 energy-efficient LED streetlights in villages in West Godavari.

In addition to installing LED streetlights, the state government will equip small business consumers and schools with LED bulbs, solar-powered water pumps and energy efficient fans.

The state government said it plans to improve consumer awareness on energy efficiency.

Energy conservation programme benefits

The energy efficiency projects are expected to help Andra Pradesh to maintain the stability of its grid networks.

Since the introduction of energy efficiency programmes by the Andra Pradesh state government in 2014, some 774.000 consumers have been equipped with LED bulbs resulting in lower energy bills and power surplus.

Reductions in consumer energy usage help utility companies operating in Andra Pradesh to reduce their operational expenses, carbon emissions and avoid investing in new energy generation projects.

Energy efficiency has been identified to help energy providers to improve their customer services by providing consumers with affordable energy generated from renewable energy resources. [Mongolia signs MoU on energy efficiency].

Meanwhile, in the US, an energy efficiency programme deployed by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission has helped consumers save $325 million in energy bills between July 2015 and June 2016.

The energy efficiency programme ‘Hawaii Energy’ offset the use of 150MW of energy during the 2015-2016 year and is being deployed by HPUC in partnership with Virginia-based Leidos Engineering LLC for consumers in Honolulu, Hawaii and Maui.

The energy efficiency savings achieved by the Hawaii Energy programme last year equates to the HPUC building a 90MW solar energy plant to meet power demand.

The programme has helped save $40 million in consumer energy bills in its first year of implementation.

Through the programme, the HPUC provides cash rebates and incentives for residential and small business consumers to install energy efficient equipment.

Energy efficiency savings achieved by HPUC in implementing Hawaii Energy in 2015 and 2016 follows a 25% decrease in the programme’s budget from $38 million in 2014-2016 year to $27 million.


Image credit: Shutterstock