India announces $149.9m energy efficiency budget

The Indian state government of Andhra Pradesh announced its plan to enhance energy efficiency and conservation to ensure a sustainable power sector in the state.

To achieve its goal, the state government will direct Rs1,000 crore ($149.4 million) towards the implementation of energy efficiency programmes.

According to a local publication, the projects will include the installation of LED bulbs and fans for residential customers.

The money will also be used for the installation of smart LED streetlights in all of the state’s 110 urban local districts. [India’s smart street lighting market to reach $1,868.9m by 2022].

In addition to deploying energy efficiency equipment, the capital will also be used to raise consumer awareness on energy efficiency including the provision of energy saving tips.

[quote] The projects will be partly funded by the Energy Efficiency Services Limited- an agency of the Indian government.

By implementing the programme, the state government aims to be amongst India’s top three energy efficiency states by 2022.

By 2029, the state is looking forward to be ranked as the leading region with the most energy saving measures deployed.

Energy efficiency and smart grid training

Efforts to ensure India has a more secure grid continue to be implemented by various stakeholders in the country’s energy sector.

In early August, India’s National Smart Grid Mission launched its first programme to train utility personnel in smart grid components and applications.

With the help of the United States Agency for International Development Agency, the series of training programmes are aimed at building the capacity and skills of utility personnel, to develop the country’s grid infrastructure.

The training is purposed to help the Indian government achieve its target of having 10% of its personnel from 14 Indian state utilities trained in smart grid functions. [US and India sign energy storage and smart grid research agreement].

This week, India Power announced that it has begun to install smart electric meters in the city of Gaya in Bihar state to lower power theft, ensure accurate electricity billing and revenue collection and grid reliability through the provision of real time insights of the grid status.

Under the first phase of the smart meters project in Gaya, India Power is planning to install 10,000 units within two months.


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