ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus and Thailand 4.0 – news round up


In Europe, ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus, an initiative involving national and regional funding programmes from 21 European countries and regions has already initiated 29 projects from the first and second joint call, totalling 52,5 million Euro funds help developing advanced solutions for the future energy systems across Europe. The new joint call for transnational projects call, launched 14 September, is now open for applications for transnational smart energy projects.

The network is also engaging additional partners and preparing a new initiative to develop integrated, regional, smart energy systems, enabling regions and local communities to realise their high sustainable energy ambitions. The first call is expected to open mid-2018. Proposals will develop and demonstrate technologies, systems and solutions that make it possible to efficiently provide, host and utilise high shares of renewables, up to and beyond 100% in the local or regional supply by 2030 – creating a secure and resilient European energy system. Projects of the first call can expect total funds of more than 30 million Euro, including co-funds from the European Commission. The initiative with the acronym ‘RegSys’ will focus on the local and regional level. Co-creation activities on a programme level will support an innovation eco-system, aiming at cutting edge ideas to be further developed in RDD projects, followed up by market uptake initiatives and finally adopted as new services and products in society.

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus transnational collaboration platform

Michael Hübner, coordinator of ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus: “ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus is establishing a unique transnational collaboration platform in the field of Smart Energy Systems. The initiative brings together relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector in different nations and regions, enabling them to jointly develop and fund innovative projects. The actual joint call for RDD proposals and especially the new RegSys focus ensure continuity. RegSys will take leadership in developing up-to-date topics and formats to connect the demand side (i.e. need owners and potential customers) with knowledge and new technology on the supply side. This will bring us even closer to our goal of enabling the transformation into a smart and sustainable energy system.”

Ludwig Karg, head of the ERA-Net SG+ Support Team: “The ERA-Net SG+ Knowledge Community is a unique European community that facilitates knowledge exchange and cooperation between Smart Energy experts from local to European level. We further channel the results from projects and insights derived within the Knowledge Community into decision processes on the national and European level. Thereby we support the uptake of research results on different governance levels.”

Thailand 4.0

Huawei, the Chinese technology company, has forwarded plans for the digital transformation of 10 major industries in Thailand as part of the Thailand 4.0 amition.  Including solutions for sectors such as energy management, energy, agriculture and education,

Showcasing its solutions for smart city, smart energy, smart parking, digital railway, smart airport, smart fovernment, smart agriculture, at the Digital Thailand Big Bang, the digital technology expo in Southeast Asia.

“This year, Huawei has been working on embrace digital life, a new local strategy that is consistent with the theme of Digital Thailand Big Bang. Huawei’s own development fits in the digitalization of Thailand, people’s aspiration for digital life and the win-win goal of our business partners,” said Qiang Hua, managing director of Huawei Thailand.

Thailand 4.0 is a new economic development programme put forward by the Thai government to develop the kingdom into an innovation-driven, high-income country.