Fraud arrests at Ho Chi Minh Power

Ho Chi Minh Arrests

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — (METERING.COM) — August 10, 2006 – Vietnamese police have arrested Le Minh Hoang, the former Head and 16 other senior officials of Ho Chi Minh City Power Company (HCMC) on charges emanating from a massive scam involving faulty electricity meters.
They are pressing the Supreme Procuracy to pursue charges built around the “deliberate violation of State economic regulations”, “producing and trading in counterfeit goods” and “tax evasion”.
Other former HCMC Power employees accused include Vice Director Le Van Hoanh, Sales Manager Nguyen Ngoc Ho and his deputy Huynh Ngoc Thanh. Officials in Technology, International Co-operation, Import-export activities and Accounting departments at HCMC are among those arrested.

It is claimed that over 312, 000 unapproved and untested meters worth more than US$100, 000 were installed in homes in order to bill faster and raise electricity accounts exponentially.
The charges link the accused, HCMC Power Company and their electricity meter supplier, Singapore-owned Linkton Vina Company.