Global smart grid business alliance formed


Tokyo, Japan — (METERING.COM) — May 27, 2010 – Japanese electronics companies Hitachi, Ltd. and Osaki Electric Co., Ltd. have announced an agreement to form a cooperative alliance in the smart grid-related business, including providing solutions based on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Specifically, the two companies will complement one another by leveraging their respective strengths – Hitachi in systems and communications technologies and Osaki Electric in meter technologies – to provide total AMI solutions for the global market. These solutions will encompass everything from electronic meters equipped with AMI-related communications functions, access and core networks, and systems for the collection and management of meter information, to products in electricity distribution and the operating systems fields.

Furthermore, in the future, Hitachi and Osaki Electric will evaluate joint participation in smart grid-related demonstration projects in Japan and overseas, as well as the joint development of related equipment and systems.

Hitachi’s portfolio of technologies includes power and energy equipment related to electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, and information and communications technologies.

Osaki Electric is working on the effective utilization of energy through the provision of technologies and products related to measurement and control, and information and telecommunications, and it has more than 60 years experience in the development of electricity meters.