GridComm enables 10k smart streetlights in Indonesian capital

smart streetlights
Jarkarta has 250,000 streetlights that could be integrated into the smart streetlight network. The capital city began its smart lighting rollout at the beginning of the year with a 100 smart streetlight pilot

In southeast Asia, the Indonesian capital Jakarta has kickstarted a smart streetlight programme in partnership with GridComm and LED lighting provider Siklon Energy Nusantara.

The 10,000 smart streetlights will allow the city to remotely view street lamp functionality, monitor power consumption and plan for routine maintenance.

GridComm’s Street Light Management Solution (SLMS) also allows the city to “programme the lights to dim at a specific time,” reports M2M World News.

Smart streetlights communication

The smart streetlights are enabled by powerline communication (PLC) with a gateway device and use the same wire line used to power the LED lights.

The lights also support wireless and Ethernet connectivity between a gateway and cloud-based server.

GridComm co-founder Mike Holt said: “We saw an immediate opportunity for powerline communication in order to create grids in which utilities or municipalities would be able to remotely view what was happening with their network of lights.

“Wireless systems didn’t work well in areas where they were most needed, such as in Asia, where electrical noise prevented the wireless transmission of data.”

Powering 250,000 smart streetlights

The Indonesian city contains 250,000 streetlights that could be integrated into the network.

Jakarta began with a 100 smart streetlight trial in the first quarter of 2015. The trial has since been extended to 10,000 streetlights in a single neighbourhood.

There are two phases under the smart streetlight deployment. The first phase will see the Street Light Management Solution analysing each lamp’s operational status – dimming level, as well as power consumption taking into account kilowatt per hour, voltage and current. The solution also notes each lamp’s GPS location.

Under the second deployment phase, the city will have the ability to dim a single lamp or numerous lamps across a neighbourhood.