GSM/GPRS modems enable automated meter reading application in Thailand


Singapore — (METERING.COM) — May 27, 2008 – iWOW, a provider of wireless communications solutions for the machine-to-machine (M2M) market, and Samart Group, an integrated technological service provider, have announced that Samart has selected iWOW’s iTegno GSM/GPRS modem to empower EDMI’s electronic metering device for the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Thailand. The iTegno GSM/GPRS modem with EDMI Mk6N meter will be part of the solution for Samart to enable PEA to read their electric meters remotely.

The iTegno GSM/GPRS modem uses an RJ-45 interface to communicate with the Mk6N meter. The GSM/GPRS communication system enables continuous and reliable data transmission between the metering device and the central reporting system. This will allow customers to have real-time checks and retrieval of information from the meter whenever there is an enquiry. The new implementation will reduce the time lag in data collection, and help customers to streamline their business processes and system reporting.

Samart Telcoms will be the first to introduce this technology to supply a complete wireless automated meter reading solution to PEA, deploying 30,000 units of the AMR solution in 73 provinces in Thailand.

"We are very pleased to work with iWOW, whose strengths include its expertise and knowledge in the M2M industry,” said Prasitchai Veerayuttwilai, Executive Vice President of Samart Telcoms PCL., an ICT company of Samart Group. “Their understanding of our requirements, together with the proven performance of iTegno modems, has made this collaboration a great success."

"iWOW’s GSM/GPRS modem was part of the key technologies offered by EDMI’s AMR system to allow remote access to meters," said K.M. Lee, Managing Director of EDMI.

"Samart Telcoms and EDMI are important partners to iWOW and we are proud to be chosen by them in this major AMR initiative for Thailand,” said Lee Yao Chiang, CEO of iWOW Connections Pte Ltd. “AMR is one of the key focus areas for our wireless communication solutions. iTegno GSM/GPRS modems provide a cost effective solution, which makes them ideally suited for large volume deployment in both the industrial and consumer segments.”