HD-PLC Alliance certifies powerline network products complying to IEEE 1901 standard


Michimasa Aramaki,
President & Chair,
HD-PLC Alliance
Fukuoka, Japan — (METERING.COM) — November 4, 2010 – The HD-PLC Alliance has announced a certification program for wavelet OFDM-based powerline network products complying to the new IEEE 1901 BPL PHY and MAC standard.

The certification program is for IEEE 1901 compliant devices. The certification tests include required PHY performance and compatibility tests with all HD-PLC products. In addition, the program provides certification to the coexistence specification, or Inter-System Protocol (ISP) in IEEE 1901, which was also approved as ITU-T G.9972 as of June 2010.

“This is a tremendous achievement for the PLC industry and for the global communication markets”, said Michimasa Aramaki, president and chair of HD-PLC Alliance, adding that the Alliance not only certifies IEEE 1901-compliant products, but also shares the experiences and ideas in how to apply this technology to various ecosystem solutions.

IEEE 1901 is expected to be a key enabling technology in smart energy and other applications, offering high speed data rates (in excess of 500 Mbps) in LAN applications with ranges of up to 1,500 m in first mile/last mile applications (see IEEE 1901 broadband power line standard for 500 Mbps communications approved).

The HD-PLC Alliance also has established relationships with key alliances in China and Brazil. In China the HD-PLC Alliance and IGRS are establishing the first PLC joint certification program, and in Brazil the Alliance is working with the government on smart grid and digital divide issues, with trials of HD-PLC under way with local power utilities among others.

The HD-PLC Alliance was established to promote the worldwide adoption of the HD-PLC high speed powerline communication technology, and the interoperability of devices that use that technology. HD-PLC was developed by Panasonic in 2005.